Darren is also a compelling author and writes from the conviction that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. He is a published author and has written articles for magazines and newspapers as well. He has three books: Got Fruit, Designed for Purpose, and The Kingdom Focused Church which are available on Amazon as well as several eBooks that are available here.


Transforming topics include:

•Identity Crisis

•The Fruit Bearing Principle

•Principles and Hindrances of Growth

•Keys to Experiencing Growth and Bearing Fruit

•And much more!

Designed for Purpose Book Cover.jpeg

Life changing topics include:

•The relationship between worship and purpose

•The importance of purpose and the world community

•The components of purpose

•How to position yourself to discover your purpose

•And much more!

Kingdom-Focused Church Cover.jpeg

In this book you will discover:

•What is the foundation of the church

•What is the power of the church

•What is the pitfall of the church

•What are the characteristics of a Kingdom Focused Church

•And much more!

Praise for GOT FRUIT?

Here is what others had to say about Darren's book Got Fruit:

If you call yourself a Christian, then you should have this book Got Fruit in your library. Darren Wilson is brilliant in his discourse on spiritual maturity, lovingly challenging us to be all that we were called out to be for the Kingdom of God. The Church on a large scale has been disoriented on the idea of conversion & discipleship. The Great Commission told us to make disciples not converts. Many have been converted into Christianity, but few have been discipled into Christ. Disciples bear fruit. Disciples grow. Disciples change the world around them. Darren Wilson skillfully lays out the principles for systematic discipleship while giving us a blueprint on how to disciple others. I recommend this book for the average believer to the spiritual leader. We all will find useful the insights within Got Fruit. – Vernel Samuel, Author and Senior Pastor of Hungry 4 God Church, New York

I just completed reading a book that I am so impressed with. It's called Got Fruit. This book stated a true and real principle to me that will never leave me. An orange tree does not stop bearing fruit simply because some people out there don't really fancy oranges. That's its purpose. Some may love oranges and when they get a hold of that orange tree they will eat of that fruit until their belly is full. My purpose is to bear fruit. That's it. I wish I had read this book long ago. I won't say that I will never get discouraged but now that I know what I know my concentration will be affixed on bearing fruit not who may or may not like my fruit.  JAH has created each fruit with seeds that it can reproduce. As a matter of fact, everything God has made He gave it the ability to reproduce. Darren Wilson, the author of this book Got Fruit - his fruit, has done just that. Produced. Now here I come, picked his fruit and found it fulfilling to the max. The insight and wisdom God has bestowed on this brother is way beyond his age. So do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy. Partake of his fruit and hopefully this will motivate you to grow some fruit of your own. Remember the name Got Fruit. – Gershwin Lake, International Recording Artist