The Formula for Success Ebook

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I sincerely believe that by just visiting this page you have just done something today that your future self will thank you for! You made the choice to invest in yourself which is the ultimate investment that anyone can make.

In The Formula for Success, I explain how one can experience any measure of success in any area of their life. Through a biblical perspective, I go beyond the jargon on how to achieve success straight to the foundation of the topic to enable you to become successful in whatever direction their purpose leads them. 

In this book you will discover:

  • How to focus on success
  • The relation between preparedness, opportunity, and success
  • The role of character in achieving success
  • Why all success begins with productivity
  • A worksheet designed to assist in your journey towards success
  • And much more!

I truly believe that as you read this short but inspirational book, you will discover that success is not relegated to a select few or a dream that is to be pursued but never attained, but instead a very present reality that can be experienced here and now. Be prepared for a longing to be successful in any endeavor to come alive in you because that will be the catalyst of transformation so that you can achieve a greater level of productivity that prepares you to influence, impact, and be the change agent that you were created to be in your respective spheres.

Through several series of highs and lows, I’ve learned several valuable lessons regarding the issues of success, fruitfulness, growth and productivity. These are the same principles that I have used to author several books and eBooks, speak at quite a few conferences, and currently using to build two companies simultaneously in the last 6 years and I am excited to share the principles and strategies that I have learned and still learning from these processes with you through this book!

No matter where you are on the spectrum, I believe that through this book you will walk away with the information and inspiration necessary to empower you to begin transforming your life. How do I know? Easy, I’ve been where you are and this resource is the result of my personal journey and study into the biblical concept of success which I am making available to you!

All of the information in this resource can be all yours for the very low price of $7!

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