Luke 5:2 (NKJV)

And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.

In this verse the phrase “washing their nets” is symbolic of the process of preparation. The definition of prepare means to arrange or put in order by systematic planning and effort. So preparedness as it relates to being successful means making an effort to plan and put something’s in order with the hope of maximizing it in the future.

There is a saying that goes "opportunity only comes once in a lifetime". If that were true, why then do only some people seem to get all the opportunities and others hardly any? I used to believe that but now I don't anymore. Why? Because I have come to realize that opportunities are always present. The reason many of us miss out is because we are not prepared for it when it comes. Opportunities don’t wait on anybody; they disappear just as fast as they appear.

Opportunities are like taking a flight. If you are not at the airport prepared and waiting for your flight when it arrives, it will not wait for you. It will leave and then you have to end up waiting for the next flight, all because you were not prepared to meet the flight when it arrived. The same process applies with regards to opportunities in life. 

There is a story in the Bible that perfectly illustrates the relationship between preparation and opportunity and it is found in Luke 5:1-7. After working all night and having caught no fish, the fishermen were tired. Adding insult to injury, their nets probably were filled with all sorts of debris that probably would be found at the bottom of a lake or at least floating around inside it.  So when Jesus met these fishermen, they were busy cleaning and washing their nets. What was the purpose for doing so? To prepare them (the nets) for the next catch of fish (opportunity) the next time they went out to fish.

In other, words they were preparing their nets to be able to handle the next catch, whenever it came, by removing the junk and debris that makes the net unfit for its intended purpose. Now washing their nets was a common practice for fishermen because this was their livelihood. However, little did they know that just that day, while preaching, Jesus was observing their diligence in preparation and saw that they were ready to handle the miracle that He ready to give them by telling them to: “launch out into the deep.”

Application: are you ready for the opportunity when it comes? Are you busy preparing your nets by removing the junk and debris that you have picked up from whomever and wherever that is making you unfit for your intended purpose? Your harvest is ready and waiting; however Jesus is waiting and observing your diligence in preparing your nets to be able to handle it. In everything, preparation is key! Keep washing your nets and eventually you will get the call to “launch out into the deep!”


Darren Wilson is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur based in Saint Martin. He is the author of several books including “Got Fruit?” that is available on Amazon and other major online book retailers. For more information, visit his website at or email him at