Throughout history various institutions and political leaders throughout the world have promoted their worldviews and subsequently tried implementing various agendas and proposals based on those worldviews in order to improve the conditions of their country or nation but to no avail. Some of these worldviews have included: communism, capitalism, and socialism, to name a few. Billions of the world’s different currencies have been spent in the last few decades alone in hopeful attempts to reverse economic inequality and social disintegration, yet the problems seemingly continue to grow. 

Based on differing worldviews, many societal leaders have tried several agendas: a political agenda, a social agenda, an economic agenda, and even a religious agenda to counter-act community devolution but all those agendas have failed miserably. We have tried every conceivable man-made agenda, proposal, and plan and still there has been no effective change.  After analyzing all of this, I have come to the conclusion that whatever it is that we are doing and whatever agenda’s and proposals we are putting on the table are not working for one simple reason: our worldview is all wrong.

Now, like any political figure, God who is a King (Psalms 95:3, Malachi 1:14), has His own worldview and therefore has an agenda with several proposals based on that worldview that He wants executed. Man has tried to influence the culture and society through their own way using their own methods and failed so I submit to you therefore that it is now time for believers to dispose of these lopsided worldviews and frail man-made agendas and promote the King’s worldview and His divine agenda.

A worldview is the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. This means that every person from the youngest to the oldest has a particular perspective by which they view and interpret the world. This is evidenced by the varying viewpoints that persons have regarding issues such as: personal integrity, family structures, church operations, economic practices, national development, and social justice. We can clearly see that, due to these differing worldviews, there is a huge disparity in the way things are functioning in this world.

This differing worldview dynamic is played out when two people get married and they each bring in their own worldviews from their respective families to their marriage. Major conflict is inevitable because they now have two completely different worldviews to contend with. However, if they both make a collective decision to forsake certain things they learned in the culture of their home before marriage and embrace a different worldview based on an already set standard, conflicts would not disappear but they would decrease dramatically. So naturally the question will be: is there a way to begin to solve this or do we have to continue to live with all the contention because of differing worldviews? Consider the following verse:

Colossians 3:2 (AMP)

And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.

The same verse in the Message Bible says that we should: “See things from His perspective.”

The word “His” in this verse is referring to the King of Kings: Jesus Christ, the one who has all authority in heaven and earth. This verse is indicating that despite all what is going on in the world; our goal should be to keep focused on seeing things from the vantage point or the worldview of the King.  So what does this mean? How do we or how can we view things from the perspective of the King and His Kingdom?

Matthew 6:33 (AMP)

But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

This verse unlocks the key to solving many of the issues plaguing us today.  This means that whatever situations we are faced with in this life, whether it be personal, family, church, or national, we are to FIRST of ALL seek to understand the situation from the King’s perspective (His Kingdom) and what is His way of handling it (His righteousness). 

The word “seek” is defined as: 

1.      To try to locate or discover; search for

2.      To endeavor to obtain or reach

3.      To go to or toward

4.      To inquire for; request

5.      To try; endeavor

If we are truly citizens of His Kingdom (Philippians 3:20), we must take the time to seek, earnestly look for, research, what the King has to say about the personal, family, church, economic, or national situations we are faced with (seeking His Kingdom) and how do we apply what the King said to our unique situations (seeking His righteousness). The reason many of us are not seeing change and results in our lives and communities is because we don’t want to take the time to seek the King’s perspective on these issues. Other times it’s because we have found what the King’s perspective on it is but we don’t want to apply what He said to our situation/s.

The process is clear; seek first of all His Kingdom and His righteousness. Then after we do that, the results, improvements, and changes we are looking for will come, not the other way around.

As believers, we are not to have a liberal or conservative worldview but rather a Kingdom worldview that reflects the King’s perspective on issues which can be found in the Word of God. Answers for all issues in life and guidelines for its improvement can be found in the Word of God or what I like to call the Kingdom manifesto. God has a purpose and that purpose is the expansion and advancement of His Kingdom in the earth which is documented in His manifesto. In order to accomplish that, God is very tactical and strategic and does everything from the standpoint of His Kingdom’s worldview. When we accept and embrace that, we will begin to see the change we are so desperately seeking in our lives and our communities begin to occur right before our very eyes.


Darren Wilson is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur based in Saint Martin. He is the author of several books including “Got Fruit?” that is available on Amazon and other major online book retailers. For more information, visit his website at or email him at